Prayer Team

You the praying type? Great! Because we love it when people take things to the Lord with us!

We covet your ongoing prayers for the following:


-Resources and materials for our growing needs as a ministry

-That the right people would come on as staff- both local and international

-For our relationships in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

-For our team to be unified and culturally aware

-That we would continue to be a humble team, always willing to learn and listen

-For protection over each and every project and teaching

-That we’d continue to learn and grow as a ministry

-That we would be open to the Spirit’s leading in our ministry



-For relationship and reconciliation among Haitians and Dominicans

-For critical thinking to be infused into daily life

-For local Christians to be burdened with the problems in their communities

-For people in these countries to get an accurate picture of Jesus

-For growth in integrity of the earthly structures of the island so quality of life can also be improved for these people

-For more men and women to realize their potential!

-For women to be raised up as contributors as well



-That we would continue to grow and learn in the areas of community development from a Biblical world view

-That we’d be able to balance work and rest

-For us to be inspiring and encouraging leaders who release our friends and team into greater ministry

-For us to display freedom and peace in our lives from a genuine place within

-For proper boundaries in ministry and personal life

-Protection and safety in our travels




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