We are inspired by our friends in Hispaniola. So much so, that we decided it is time to take the next step to help develop our friends and their communities. We are adding to our work with Justice Water- expanding to include more developmental work- including, but not limited to giving and training in clean water.

We believe that the advantage of being an American missionary in a developing country is that we have the unique opportunity and call to be a bridge in the global church. This means, to us, more than just receiving the occasional short-term team, but rather cultivating a way of life and support for our brothers and sisters across the world. As we have grown in this call to our own lives, we have had certain elements of our lives in Haiti illuminated- showing us that our greatest influence and impact is through empowerment with Biblical discipleship, relationships and education. Using our past experiences, our passions and our own educational backgrounds, we are stepping into a new area of ministry: developing a non-profit focused on Haitian-led community development ministry through business, agriculture, training and family developmentKonbit Haiti

The word konbit, loosely translated, means “coming together for a common goal” in Haitian Creole. This word captures the essence of what our hearts cry out for this nation, and the community we have been working in for the past 4 years, Montrouis. In our time with Justice Water, we have also had the opportunity to partner with locals in their own endeavors- from business creation to farming to family care. We have been involved with many indigenous, amazing Haitians who long to see their community changed for Jesus. Konbit is simply gathering the ministries we have been involved in and giving these local missionaries a voice– and a space for them to continue their ministry, continue their farming and continue their community development. It is also allowing us in the west a healthy and helpful way to partner with long term work which is culturally appropriate and mutually beneficial! This ministry involves so many of our indigenous friends from over the years- from the #7 children’s home to Justice Water to farming.


We are still in the development phase– and will be for a while- but this is not something we are not entirely used to. Drawing from our development of Justice Water on the island, we are excited to move forward- slowly and intentionally- to bring lasting change to this nation. There are several ways to partner with us in the coming months/years/forever- so please, send us an email for more!

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