Current Initiatives

To learn more about our work with Konbit Haiti, please go to

justice water: justice water is a program that is already haitian-run in many areas of haiti with a presence in the dominican republic, as well.  currently, we run seminars and build projects in haiti. our staff are working hard to help secure water for many areas of haiti, including the montrious area.

health training/partnerships: we are currently working with short term teams and long term programs to empower local people in the mountain communities of montrouis. we are working in a few different areas with a specific interest and focus on women’s health and prenatal/postnatal care.

children’s programs: working with a local leader and her staff, we are working to provide love and a safe place for many at-risk children in the area.

appropriate technologies: we are experimenting, learning and working with local leaders in the area of CEB building technology. we are also working on small gardening and farming programs and trainings to help haitians learn innovate and appropriate ways to build and garden.

discipleship and empowerment: it is our personal dream to raise up local leaders. we do this in a variety of ways- from staff trainings to daily life together. we also love having small, specialized teams come to work with us as we empower locals with seminars and hands-on training.


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