Merry Christmas from Montrious!


This Christmas will not soon be forgotten! Because of such generous donors, we were able to minister to the New Heart Orphanage (affectionately known as the “Number 7 Orphanage” due to the #7 spray painted on the gate) in an exciting way. Our team was able to provide a Christmas Party for the children and staff– something they have never experienced before!
We have been with these children now for about a week, and we have fallen in love with them. Most of the children at this orphanage have either been orphaned by the earthquake or have been brought down from their parents in the mountain who are too poor to care for them. The orphanage itself was just a few tarps and a gate until about 4 months ago, and now they have a few buildings and a hand-dug well. Pastor Jon, of the New Heart Orphanage, and his wife, are the kindest and most giving people, truly raising these children in an environment of peace, contradictory to the one right outside the gate.
Our day started with songs, hugs and games. It then moved into a time of story telling and then more games. After a little bit, the children sat so patiently and waited to make their crafts. They each made Christmas cards and gave them to one another. It was so cute. After that, the children were able to receive presents and drink hot chocolate! Their gifts were socks, candy canes, pencils, toothbrushes and other goodies. We spent the rest of the day playing with bubbles and skipping rope and playing soccer with these children. It was an amazing day to share the love of God with these children and the staff which was so tired!
Thank you- because of your gifts we were able to make a memorable Christmas for the fatherless in Montrious.

As far as our team, we spent Christmas day celebrating community! The highlights:-Yummy banana pancakes and fruit breakfast!-Decorated kitchen, thanks to creative team member Jon Hatton!-Secret Santa notes between team members-Discovering a cool, Haitian beach (We DO live on the Caribbean!)-Team member, Melina Enge, killed our live turkey for dinner!
Merry Christmas, and thank you, for partnering with us to bring God’s love to Haiti!

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