The New Year and a Baby!

We are now back from our Port Au Prince tent city excursion. What we thought was going to be a two day trip turned into a four day trip. After cleaning trash all day, taking a thorough wet wipe bath and going to bed in an 8-man tent with my 14 team members, we awoke only to hear we were staying now to build a fence around the tent being used as a church.
We were a little upset.
It wasn’t that we didn’t love the Haitians. Being honest, we had no alone time. No time without people around us talking to us, arguing and fighting around us, demanding things from us… and not to mention we didn’t have any clean clothes or have any way to bathe. We were once again frustrated at the situation and the lack of preparation we had. We couldn’t pick up trash anymore. We wiped everyone who had supplies out.
We sucked it up, however. We build the fence, played with the kids and hung out with the locals. We cleaned up the new tent area, removing huge stumbling blocks of rubble and setting up electricity for the night with a generator.  As the evening approached, however, something started happening. Pastor’s wife, a small woman who was clearly pregnant, began to have intense pains. We always assumed (since she was so small) that she was only 6 months pregnant or so. Turns out, she was in labor. She was nurf (9) months pregnant!
In Kona, three of us (Stephanie included) took a health care seminar. Among the things touched on, we were taught the basics of baby delivery in a third world country. We were assured “You’ll never run into this situation!” Good thing we still listened to the lecture. Soon, all of the girl team members were helping out. The health care girls were shouting directions and racking their brains for more information.
In Haiti, when a woman goes into labor, she makes an appointment and hopes that the baby doesn’t come before then. When Shelley went into labor, it was 6 p.m.. Her appointment was made for 9.  The baby wasn’t waiting.
In divine providence, our two friends decided to sleep outside of the tent (they couldn’t handle it anymore) and had set up a make shift bed. Shortly after, they carried Shelley onto the bed and stuffed all of our sleeping bags to prop her up. Melina began to time her contractions. Asha comforted Shelley. I bleached everything in sight. Alicia rolodex-ed every supply necessary for a delivery.
We called nurses and hospitals and parents whose numbers we knew by heart. Melina finally contacted her mid-wife sis-in-law, but, turns out, whether we know anything or not, the baby’s going to come. Using our watches, a swiss army knife, dental floss, a lot of bleach and even more prayer, our team assisted in a delivery of a baby in Su Pies, Port Au Prince, Haiti.
What a miracle!
As this year is coming to an end, as we sit in our home we are even more grateful for (it has walls!), we are counting our blessings since arriving in Haiti. It has been the most crazy, whirlwind adventure. We have never felt so stretched, so frustrated, so pushed…or so alive!
So, what are you doing this year? Hopefully it’s doing something that ignites your very soul. Maybe 2011 will bring a clarity to things you have a passion for, for things that make your heart race. Whether its cooking, making music, being a mom or being a missionary, I am ready to make it count! I hope you are, too.

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