Time to Debrief

We have had team debriefing today and yesterday, as we prepare to leave tomorrow. It has been a time of extreme emotion– in every aspect. We have laughed so hard, cried a ton and have confronted deep seated issues, as well. It has been amazing to be here with such a group of people. The guys and girls here with us are nothing short of incredible. The amount of love they pour out, not only to the Haitians but to one another and to us is astounding. They have become our family.
The rest of this message, however, I want to tell you about another amazing person we met a while ago in Port-Au-Prince, but had the pleasure of spending our last days with him. His name is Nathan, and he has been in Port-Au-Prince for a year. He works with an organization started by a local Haitian to help the people in City de Soleil. Amazing!

Check out his website HERE: http://www.harvestforhaiti.com/

Thank you, all of you, for joining with us as we did missions/life in Haiti. It has truly been amazing and without you, we couldn’t have done it. Though it might sound cliché, you were standing next to us as we ministered to people, passed out food and delivered a baby. You helped us enter an unjust orphanage and take a stand for justice. You came along side of us as we brought clean water to the country.
Thank you.
Please check out this slide show made by Sam Roy, with Nathan’s infamous Haiti song in the background!



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