Being Home

We landed in the sweet USA about a week ago. It has been crazy being back, but so so good at the same time.

Haiti was a blast. When I look back, its hard for me not to view the whole trip as a fat blur across my mind’s eye. What just happened?!

Yes, its true. We did just return from Haiti, living in a house of 90 people, sleeping on the roof in our awesome tent (during rainy season, no less).

We were able to be used beyond our wildest imaginations. What we had anticipated from our time there and what actually happened is one of those “so they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” kind of moments. There is seriously no human way possible that so much was accomplished- and yet its there. 6 completed rain tanks in 7 weeks. 90 empowered people ready to spread this knowledge.

We saw so many Haitians being empowered, thinking about new and innovative ways to improve their communities.

Pretty amazing.

In addition, we were able to set some teams up to be able to go out into the nation of Haiti, Togo, Brazil, the Dominican and Jamaica to do the same thing.

While I could reflect upon the things we learned within our own hearts, or tell more tales of amazing people we met along the way… for now, we will just show you some photos. I have been staring at these little moments since our return, and I am so excited to have internet that works fast enough to post some photos!

Once again, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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