Hand Washing

Do you know how important hand washing is?

No, really.

In grade school, we learn how to sing “Happy Birthday” two times and wash our hands with soap and water. We learn to scrub around our nail beds, in between our fingers and all over our hands. We know and understand that we don’t get sick when we wash our hands.

People in the developing world are often times never taught this simple truth.

A problem presents itself when bringing a community clean water, then. Because, clean water is just the beginning.

We have to have the right thinking, the right mindset. We have to understand that when we wash our hands and when we wash our containers for holding water that we are preventing disease.

Simply put, 40% of illness in the third world can be prevented by teaching and implementing hand washing.

Woah. Right?

One of things we are working on as we develop curriculum for those in the developing world who are being taught by Justice Water is how to teach about hand washing. This week, we had the opportunity to teach some kids in Hawaii about hand washing.

Because water is so scarce in places, we also cannot afford to use much water (a family of five could easily use 30 gallons of water in a day washing their hands when they should).

So, we introduced a neat little gadget called a tippy tap.

There are many amazing things about this simple technology, but one of them is the fact that kids catch on almost faster than adults! They get it!

Here’s a quick video and some photos from our time this week. So fun!

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