26 Things I Learned Being 25

Apparently, our blog can be “too business-y”. As story is such a big part of our lives, as relationship with people all over the world is what brings life to us…we want to share with you more than just what we’re “doing” and more of who we are becoming.

That being said, it is my (Steph’s) 26th birthday today! Birthdays are so fun, but they are also a good mile marker to check ourselves in the areas of where we’re going and what we’re doing. It has caused me to reflect on the past year, in particular, and be ever humbled and thankful for what I have learned as well as what lies ahead. So, if you’re bored and care to take a gander…here are some things I have learned this year…

26. Doing life alongside people is doing life right. 

25. The world is a beautiful creation. Taking care of it should be our privilege. The difference between the Haitian beaches and those in Hawaii is mainly the trash that takes over the little island of Hispaniola. As we continue to travel, one thing rings true: take care of the earth. Layers and layers of trash started with just a few bottles littering the ground.

24. People are more than their circumstance. We are more than what we go through. This year, I learned that seeing people as their circumstances only robs me of the joy of getting to know more about a person’s heart.

23. There is a difference between being alive and living. A difference between getting by and thriving. Sometimes its an internal change, too…

22. Family is there…always. It’s best to be thankful for the wonderful, brilliant mess we all are. Love my family. :) And the one I married into.

21. Marriage is hard work. Marriage is the best gift. 

20. Almost anything is transferable from the first to third world. For instance, spas. 

19. The unknown isn’t always bad :)

18. What a blessing it is to be from the Gulf Coast.

17. You’re never too old to cut a rug. 

16. Being humble is a wonderfully hard lesson to learn.

15. There’s no such thing as too many sunsets or sunrises. (Especially from Mauna Kea)

14. It is actually better to give than receive.

13.  Sarcasm doesn’t translate into other languages. 

12. Life is better when spoken in many languages.

11. There’s no use in wanting someone else’s talents for yourself. It’s simply made me ignore the very things I love the most.

10. The words of ol’ Jimmy Buffett are true “If we didn’t laugh, we would all go insane” (What? Did I just quote Jimmy Buffett?)

9. Children are overlooked treasures waiting to have a chance to express their creativity. 

8. We should plan only for our plans to change.

7. God works in crazy ways but the tapestry He’s weaving comes together more nicely than the patchwork I am trying to make for myself.

6. 18 year olds can make the best friends, as can 65 year olds. Age doesn’t really matter when you get down to it. 

5. Do. What. You. Love. Still learning this lesson, but I think its pretty crucial!

4. Facing our fears gets us into the very deepest places in our hearts…revealing all we believe, know and perceive. What a gift to be able to stare fear and anxiety in its ugly, fat face and kiss it goodbye!

3. I love you sounds sweet in any language. 

2. Home is whenever I am with you <3. It’s true. We’ve made homes in Hawaii’s YWAM base, a guest cottage in Fairhope, AL, the top of a roof in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, a home shared with our friends in Daphne, AL, a little in Vancouver, BC and then back in our friend’s condo here in Hawaii again. Thanks to Ryan, it’s really all felt like home. (Cue romantic music and a big “awwww”)

1.God is love. Even when I am not. Even when Ryan is not. Even when we fail ourselves and the people around us. God still is love.

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