Post of Pictures

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks…

…teaching students about ground water using ice cream and sprite

…teaching first grader missionary kids about clean water around the world

…watching cutie kids “drill” into ground water and learn about contamination

…tank building with Water for Life!

…teaching outgoing missionaries how to teach kids to wash hands in other countries

…making the need known to outgoing missionaries (they’re going to some of the neediest countries in the world!)

…teaching how to build simple and sanitary latrines

…students making tippy-taps to bring into the third world (these save lots of water and can be used in places where there is no running water)

…more tank building with Water for Life, using corrugated tin as forms for the rain tank instead of wooden forms. It might save a lot of money in the field!

…teaching high schoolers how to teach kids to wash their hands in schools and orphanages. These students will be going to Cambodia and Papua New Guinea, where 40-60% of the populations don’t have access to sanitation.

…guiding students through the process of how to make a sand filter. Teaching people in other countries how to do this is cost effective and can save lives!

…teaching kids about the 4 ways that sand filters kill pathogens. This method is called predation (the “good bacteria ninjas” kill the bad, disease causing bacteria in the bio layer).


We leave in less than 3 weeks for our 3 month trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic! We can’t wait. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare ourselves, our team and our projects for this summer. 


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