A Photo Update: Hinche, Haiti

We had such a blast in Hinche and serving a remote village called Laby. We were able to do so much with the people there! Our team had the opportunity to ride in a 5-passenger plane to get to this place- landing on a soccer field that doubles as a landing strip! What an adventure this week was!


Making our forms in Hinche…

Rony, our friend we met last year, was able to join us for this project. He was SUCH a huge help and took a leadership role with this community.

When we arrived the first day, there were 10-15 locals in the village of Laby, waiting to learn and work. This is some of them digging the foundation!

Ryan came up with a hybrid-form in Hinche this summer! Here are some of us putting them together.

Laby is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. A mix of East Africa feel, Haitian people and beautiful, rolling hills.

Something we had the privilege to do this week was seeing the local water source. This is on our way to the spring where hundreds of people collect water.

Water trickling out of the spring gathers in a holding curve of the cliff. When it runs off of there, it collects in this pool.

The spring has natural and fresh water but is quickly contaminated by mosquitos and flora. This water source is supposed to provide water for almost 1,000 people!

Ryan with the forms! He’s setting them up to be covered in concrete.

So thankful for these guys- quality people! Philipson and Rony making the lid!

Children on their way to find a spring that has some water for them to collect. Cool to think that now they are collecting water from the rain tank closer to their house and school!

The project site. Our rain catchment tank is on the side of a school that provides education for 500 students.

70 children showed up to learn about Little Ripples. We were able to teach them about hand washing, toilet use and about rain catchment tanks!

More kids showed up later on to learn about Little Ripples. We sang songs, played games and had fun! What a cool opportunity!

Jojo, one of our great staff and an islander, mixed a traditional tribal haka with a hand washing song. It was a hit!

Stephen, another one of our staff, is such an incredible leader! Here he is helping the Haitians of Laby gutter the school’s roof.

Two of the beautiful women of Justice Water. Their secret weapon against weight gain in Hinche?… Sifting Sand for cement!

Jojo did an amazing job including the locals of Laby!

Rony and Ryan cemented the inside of the tank for a little bit after the forms were taken out!

Cool and Random: The mayor of Hinche was “in the neighborhood” and stopped by to take a look at our project. He welcomed us to all of Hinche to do more projects!

Rony and Philipson working in the tank

A french drain is now there for any run offs from the tank.

One of my favorite memories from this week: Parachute with Haitian kids. It was so hot that as soon as we created shade, all of the kids would stand under it and not move! Ha!

Some of the Justice Water crew and local guys with a finished tank!

This tank was such a great project! We were able to really teach and empower the people there. Really excited to go to Laby soon and hear about the tank!

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