Dominican Photos by Bryan Appelt

Hello all!

It has been a whirlwind being home in the south. We have loved (almost) every minute of it. For those of you who are aching for some amazing photos of Justice Water’s staff working on the last project completed about a month ago, here they are!

All photos are taken by a friend, Bryan Appelt. He is an amazing photographer and a wonderful Bible teacher, too. We were so fortunate to have him visit this summer and do some staff development. He helped us all dig deeper into the realm of community development and what it means through the lens of a Biblical worldview. It was pretty amazing stuff!

Here are a few photos. To see the entire album, go to our Justice Water facebook page!

The Justice Water Crew! From L to R (bottom): Jojo from Guam, Jamie from Canada, Philipson from Haiti, Jon from Australia, Dax from USA, Stephen from USA, Zach from USA, Ryan from USA and (top) Rachel from USA, Jenessa from Canada, Steph from USA and KJ from Korea and USA.

The project site in San Pedro. These hand dug wells are this community’s source of water. Left uncovered, this can be a real problem! The first step to adding a cover and RUS pump was to measure the depth of the well.

As stated in the caption in the last picture- uncovered wells can be a real problem! This little (big) guy was found inside of one of the wells. Would you want to drink water this frog’s been living in??

Some of the team with the local team we worked alongside. The wells are now covered. These wells were also covered two days before Tropical Storm Issac hit the island, protecting their water from becoming contaminated!

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