Orlando Teaching

Wow! What a week.


When we returned from the Dominican Republic, we were fortunate enough to spend some time with our friends Eleanor and Patrick (check them out at http://www.trainsendrepeat.com) and hear about what they’re up to as they work with missionaries going to the least reached places in the world. We were totally stoked. Sometimes it seems like we are worlds apart from awesome initiatives like this…but, then I remember that water is an open door to be heard, and its a way to show God’s love without saying a word. And, so we planned with our friends about training a few of their students in water technology and sanitation.

Ryan’s awesome teaching skills, teaching on the RUS pump to these great students!

Turns out, what “a few students” really meant was some 43 amazing world changers headed out to places like Mozambique, South Africa, Turkey and the Dominican Republic. These guys will be out on the field for a little over 2 months and many will be returning to do long-term work in these nations. So, obviously, teaching them was an exciting gift to our team!

A toilet made by the DR team!

Ryan and Zach, teaching water technology.

After the rain catchment session, we had a great time making mock rain catchment tanks using items like bubble wrap, duct tape and cups! This is the South Africa and Mozambique team.

Teaching about the children’s side of Justice Water, Little Ripples.

One of the students going to Turkey learning about ground water with yummy food!

Students learning how to make a Tippy Tap to help save lives!

Justice Water Shirts representing at our hands-on seminar earlier today!

What a time of learning, resting and fellowshipping. We have had a blast here in Orlando! Enjoy the photos. :)

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