San Pedro, Dominican Republic

Here are some of the photo highlights from our trip…

Teaching a great group of Dominicans, Mexicans, Haitians and Americans about water technologies.

Seeing the family whose baby we helped to deliver in Haiti 2 years ago and teaching them ways to empower more Haitians they know and encounter.

Ryan’s (and the rest of our team’s) excellent teaching with hands-on demonstrations and models. Here’s Ryan teaching about the way latrines work.

Hearing and seeing an empowered Haitian who had worked on a rain catchment tank with our group this summer. Here he is explaining the way you build a rain catchment tank.

Teaching this group of local missionaries new ways to minister to the communities they are in by innovative ways to teach basics, like hand washing.

Going into a community to see our project we worked on this summer still working and being used…as well as learning how we can do things better.

Going into the community with empowered students and helping them teach hand washing and other important sanitation practices.

Dominican Babies. Anxious to learn. Ready to know. And now…people to teach them!

Getting ready to put Bio Sand Filters in the community we have been working in.

Teaching kids about the Bio-Sand Filter and what it does.

An empowered teacher and kids ready to use a Bio Sand Filter.

Teaching the community (kids and adults) about the Bio Sand Filter. Everything from “How to Build” to questions galore.

And of course…being reunited with Shellisha. This is the same baby we helped to deliver in a tent city December 2010. What an awesome feeling it was to see her again!

Thanks for all your support and love. Thanks to you, these 50 students feel empowered, excited and ready to teach and change the Dominican, Haiti and the world!

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