Haitian Dream Team

Here are a few of our Haitian Leadership Team. These are the guys (and girl) committed to seeing Justice Water in Haiti. We are really excited for who they are and what they bring to the table! As you pray, keep their faces in your mind and their dreams in your heart. Thank you so much! 

Philipson Georges

This guy is amazing! One of the first Haitians we met on our first trip, he has been beside us to translate, learn and create. He’s been a great innovator and recruiter for us and we are really excited he’s on our team.






Jacques Smith

Jacques has been such a pleasant surprise for us to have. He is smart, dedicated and excited. He’s really so very good at teaching and leading. He’s a natural! We met him and began working with him about 2 years ago and have loved getting to see how much he’s changed and grown in those years! 




Rony LaRose

We met Rony and his awesome family when we taught in Port-Au-Prince on our first ever Justice Water teaching in the summer of 2011. Since then, he has been with us as the fire of Justice Water Haiti (in many ways). He has helped to spearhead several tank builds while we’ve been in the states. He’s such an asset! 





Marguenite and Mystere Saint Louis

This sweet couple is new(ish) to me and Ryan, but were a part of the original teaching in Port-Au-Prince with Rony in 2011. They have a new baby, Celiene, and a big interest in making a dent in Haiti’s water crisis. They are also really good friends with our other staff- and we are excited to have them with us! 





We are excited to have these guys with us in Justice Water! 

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