Photo Update from Azua, Dominican Republic

Sometimes a picture does speak for itself. Please enjoy these photos. We have had a blast teaching about Biblical Justice (Ryan) and empowering our staff to teach about practical ways we can live out this Biblical mandate by providing clean water to those who need it. Image

Ready to board our plane to Santo Domingo


Ryan teaching a group of Haitians, Dominicans and a few Westerners about Biblical Justice


Teaching about the uptight Jew who was attacked and was loved by an unlikely Samaritan


We’ll call this the Great Cashew Tragedy in 4 Acts. Act 1: Find a cute cashew growing on a tree. Act 2: Smash it to retrieve nut. Act 3: Eat cashew and get oil all over your finger Act 4: Incur the reaction resulting in “uncooked” raw cashew eating (specifically of the oils) and have mouths swell up. Oh well- you learn, right?


Attended a cool Dominican/Haitian basketball game in Azua. Such a cool community. 


One of our sweet Haitian students


Our awesome Haitian staff and intern Philpson and David preparing for teaching the students with a hands-on model of a rain catchment tank


Some of our students pouring the foundation for the mini tank. 


Some more students with the mini lid! 


Haitian staff Philipson teaching 


Zach and Philipson with their mini-tank example, ready to be cemented! 


Ryan and our friend Pablo 


A banana truck in town


This upcoming week we will be doing more “hands on” training with the students and will be building a rain catchment tank in a town right outside of Azua. :) 

2 thoughts on “Photo Update from Azua, Dominican Republic

  1. Hey Guys,
    Great pics!
    Blessings on your next week of training.
    We’re praying for you.
    Alleluia, the Lord is risen!
    The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!
    For I know that my Redeemer lives,
    and at the last he will stand upon the earth. (Job 19:25)

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