Photos from Haiti

Whew- this has been another whirlwind couple of weeks and we are super tired. We will definitelypost more when we get back to Orlando (tomorrow)- including our plans for the summer/fall and into the new year! We are really thankful to have had such a tremendously awesome time in Haiti and our last few weeks in the Dominican, as well! Here are some highlights…


Being reunited (and working alongside) the first Haitians we ever met and worked with almost 3 years ago. Pastor and his wife, Shelly were our outreach coordinators when we arrived in PAP in December of 2010. Their little girl is the one and only baby we have ever aided in delivery! Jacques worked with us then and works with us now. He has grown into such an amazing leader and worker! 


A big CONGRATS to Kelsea and Philipson on their recent engagement! We were so thrilled to be a part of their dating relationship and have grown really close to them. :) Philipson is a solid man in our Justice Water ministry and we are excited to welcome Kelsea into our Justice Water family. 


They made it! A small team from Church of the Apostles was able to visit us (for 2 days) in Haiti! This has been years of planning (seriously) and we were happy to semi-host our first team in Haiti. This has paved the way for more in the future, for sure! 


Making lunch for our babies at Orphanage #7! A big thank you to Church of the Apostles for supplying money for lunch (and beyond) for these 50-something orphaned children to know they are loved! 


The craziness of everyone having their OWN bowl and their OWN cup (with names on them!) THANK YOU Celebration Church of Mobile for all of the supplies you donated to help this orphanage! What a blessing! This was the first time all the children could eat together–with their new bowls!


Names on the cups. Thanks to Celebration Church’s donation, we were able to provide two cups for each child at the orphanage. You should have seen their faces and heard their giggles to see that someone cares about them and wrote their names on their cups! So awesome! 




These kiddos now have new clothes, soap and food thanks to the local churches in Daphne and Mobile coming together for them! Thank you thank you!! 


Our Justice Water Haiti Core Leadership Team! From L to R: Zach (USA), Jacques (Haiti), Jesselyn (Canada), Ryan (USA), David (Haiti), Steph (USA), Jenessa (Canada) and Philipson (Haiti). We had such a good time dreaming and planning for the future with Justice Water and ministry in Haiti! What a completely amazing group of leaders! Image

Thank you for all your support for what we are able to do in Haiti this trip. We also were able to do some maintenance on the tanks in the area of Montrious and check up on our local relationships there. 

One thought on “Photos from Haiti

  1. Wow, what a busy time, but looks like God is doing great things!
    “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” James 1:17 The Lord bless you. Praying!

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