Photo Update

We just returned from Mexico and San Diego. We were there for a Community Development seminar, to connect with Homes of Hope and to present Justice Water to the people there. We also were able to connect with our friends from Haiti Endowment Fund! Overall, it was an incredibly busy and fun trip. Take a look at some of the photo highlights.


Haiti Endowment Fund friends- Kevin and Cindy with us! Such a good time!


A Homes of Hope home in Tijuana, Mexico. There are full communities who have homes built by Homes of Hope and now they are working in these communities to help further develop them. We are looking into a partnership with them to also help provide them with education and clean water there.


Ryan speaking about Justice Water. Shown in the back is a photo of our first trip to Haiti, which ended up helping Justice Water get started. Pretty exciting!


We also had the opportunity to talk partnership with a great organization called Half Way There- a ministry dedicated to providing African nations with clean drinking water. Check them out here.


What a great time with our little team! We have already grown, and are growing. I sure am thankful for this group!


Erika Brown (on the right), is one amazing friend! She worked with us in Haiti in the summer of 2011. Since then, she has moved back to California and was kind enough to show us around on our time off.


Sean Lambert, on the right, is the founder of Homes of Hope International. Here, they are explaining some of the simple technology behind home building. Check them out here.


What a question! It is one that helped start many conversations during our conference. Needless to say, we learned a LOT!

Thanks for your continued support as we help to learn more about helping people get clean water and shining the light on what’s happening with Justice Water in Haiti and the Dominican Republic!

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