The Robinsons Year in Review

Happy 2014! As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to recap what we have been able to do to serve God, the people of Haiti and The Dominican Republic as well as the ministry we helped to create, Justice Water. 2013 was an INCREDIBLY full year of experiencing, networking and learning. 2014 is going to be a year full of significant changes- so just you wait to hear what’s in store. Thank you, as always, for partnering with us. Without you, we could not have done half of these things. We love you and HAPPY 2014!!


Here are some of our favorite highlights of 2013:

– Started our first ever “Justice Water Haiti Certification Program” in remote areas of Haiti. We had such a great time working with, learning from and teaching these people living in very remote and rural villages of Hinche, Haiti.

– Expanded our indigenous Justice Water staff to include more Haitian staff! We also are adding some Dominican staff at the start of next year (hopefully) :) This has been so rewarding as we get to walk with these men and women, teaching them about water and more!

– Our local staff, Rony, taking initiative to work in a really poor village on the outskirts of St. Marc called Lubins. This is where the cholera epidemic started, and we were so excited to visit the work site and both encourage the work and provide additional instruction!

-Our good friends (and Justice Water staff) Kelsea Caswell and Philipson Georges were both engaged and married this year in Haiti. We are overjoyed to be friends with them, to walk with them and serve alongside of them. We had a blast being the “King and Queen” of their wedding!

– Met our newest little Justice Water member, Rony and Asnite’s new son, Joshua was born this summer. He’s the cute baby above!

– Had some of our most favorite people visit Haiti from Fairhope for a whopping 3 days. It was a blast!

– Helped our friend and Justice Water staff, Jacques, start a self-sustaining business by providing computers that our friend, Karl Langely was so gracious to help with. We were able to gift him with 8 computers for his internet cafe!

-We were able to network with a huge ministry, Homes of Hope and learn from their 20-something year work in working with some of the most impoverished and under-resourced communities.

– Ryan and Philipson came up with a cool new way to do rain catchment tank forms. It has been quite successful in 2013!

-We got to visit our good friends and mentors in California who run the Haiti Endowment Fund!

– Met a good friend and future Justice Water staff, David, a local of Montrious, Haiti. Learned from his community development project and we were able to offer him some additional training. We also encouraged him to seek more Biblical and discipleship training, which is what he has been doing over the fall. A highlight would be a comment made by him to us saying “Thank you for learning what we cannot go to learn and bringing it here to us” (Talk about motivating!)

-We had the opportunity to share about Justice Water in places like Tijuana, Mexico; California; New Orleans; Alabama and beyond!

Met with our Justice Water extended family– of whom we had not seen for 18 months! We were able to share our experiences, gain perspective, get poured into a bit and get excited for what’s to come!

– Provided 2,100 people with clean drinking water and/or access to sanitation through our projects

– Attended a CCDA conference– learned a ton and got to spend some time with Mosaic New Orleans family.

Learned a ton from projects that did not go well the first time — and corrected/learned from our errors!

– Taught 490 children and adults about sanitation, hygiene, water technologies and the love of God.

If you took the time to read all of our favorite highlights, then thanks! haha. I would encourage you to do the same for your year. Look back on 2013- your photos, your letters…YOUR impact. Because we believe you are making an impact, too! Thank you for sharing your lives with us- and may your 2014 be even more amazing than 2013. :) Happy New Year, y’all!

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