Haiti in Photos

I have been going through some of my photos recently and realized I totally forgot to post some photos I love from our time in Haiti. In 2010, when we first arrived in Haiti, our team went on this crazy long hike to a freshwater spring and through banana fields…a 4 hour walk away. Crazy stuff, huh? Anyway, I for one never thought we would continue to have a relationship with this area of Haiti, but we continue to go back to it- meeting new people and hopefully cultivating relationships with them.

It is cool to reflect on the past and the relationships we have been able to have with the people here, mostly because our friend and brother and Justice Water Community Director, Rony, has begun to work in some of these mountain communities. In addition to that, our friend (remember that friend who’s baby we helped deliver?) lives up the mountain as well, teaching English to the people here.


Total side note, but what color IS my hair? Bleach in the water and being in the sun makes for an interesting reddish color. ;)


It’s banana time! Provides for a beautiful backdrop and yummy snacks.


These ladies (and one more) make up the Justice Water Hispaniola crew. My hope is that with so many western women joining in on the clean water initiatives we have going on, that more Haitian and Dominican women will join us, as well.


Some of the Justice Water boys- we are so thankful for them. Zach, Rony and Ryan.


Rony, our fearless leader and driver. :)


The new crew (minus some of our Dominican and Haitian staff and Sara). Having fun!


And…the original crew. Just missing Philipson and Jacques. :) So good to be reunited.


Vision casting on the mountain for Justice Water and beyond. :)


Look at that view!


Rony and one of the catchment tanks he has built up the mountain. We are so proud of him and his heart to serve and teach his nation!

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