Lavi se bon // Life is good

Island time is a funny thing. Some days time passes so slowly and seems to roll off the day like a drop of water. Other days it feels as though many lives could have been lived in that single day. On this island, at least, that is how time passes. Some days I feel totally immersed in culture and like I am really vibing with everyone, other days I am wondering how the heck I ended up here. I feel like I am continually learning so much about myself and about what we are specifically walking out with our faith and actions-how we choose to spend our time.

Like everyone else on planet earth, there is a real temptation to compare my status to someone else’s in a (sort of) similar boat. It just robs us, really. This way of looking at the world, measuring successes based on what others might be doing. It truly robs us of the absolute joy and fullness our own lives have to offer. I have been slapped in the face with this fact, alongside the beautiful story that is unfolding on this island, to which I am a small part. How crazy it is to compare my story to anyone else’s story-or my part to anyone else’s. As I continue to realize this truth, I also continue to become more and more aware of the beauty, the story and the amazing things unfolding before my eyes. What a complete joy and blessing to be able to watch these individual stories collide with those bigger ones.

We are a part of one another’s story. Let us not lose sight of what is in front of us.

These are things I have been pondering lately, and I am so thankful for our community here and for a patient husband and loving God who continue to encourage and shape me into who I am (and need to be). I can forget that in between all the updates about water projects and people we train that life is happening. Here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks of life-of ministry, of relationships and of all the wonderful, messy and creative things God continues to open up to us. We would be nowhere without His constant guiding and abiding peace, and that is truly what all of this—ministry, family, life—is all about.


David and his bride, Senthya. They have known one another for years and the way God has reconciled their relationship is truly amazing. They have a 3 year old daughter together and we could not be happier for them. DSC_7155 DSC_7161 DSC_6750

Senthya was able to get ready at our house in Haiti- and we snapped a few fun photos for her. DSC_6580DSC_7079


DSC_6852 DSC_6430

A typical painting and scene in Haiti. This is the side of a building where vodou is practiced. DSC_6532

Friends for life, it would seem! Pastor Georges, Shelley, his wife and their little one, Shelisa. We have known them for 4 1/2 years and we love seeing how they are being used in their little community. We are excited to be partnering with them, as well. DSC_6569

Love these guys- trying to get them to take a picture in front of the Justice Water tank they built for their community. Danielo, Santia and Scott.


Love this lady, Santia.


Here is a shot from the border- so much dust and hardship there, truly. IMG_9757

Clelie, Danielo and baby Sammy. We were so thankful to be able to meet this sweet boy. I am encouraged constantly by the amount of effort and love they put into their family. IMG_9796

Ryan and the kiddos at the #7. Our relationship continues to change and grow there, but we are so thankful and blessed to be a consistent part of these children’s lives. They teach us so much. IMG_9800

The playground equipment is a little sketch– haha. But they love playing on it! IMG_9645

Taking a day of rest on this island reminds us that we are, in fact, in the Caribbean and have the opportunity to explore the beauty of this place. IMG_9679

Justice Water Community Directors, Jose Luis and Alexandria, with our friend Mari. Mari recently donated to some of Justice Water DR’s projects and we are so thankful. Also, they just had their baby, Joseph!IMG_9687

Scenes from travel day. Bus station.



Pictures from our new office in the Dominican Republic. We are really excited for this space- its been a need to continue to engage the community here, full of Haitian refugees and Dominicans. Thankful for Sara and Jenessa’s painting skills, too! :)

One thought on “Lavi se bon // Life is good

  1. This was so good Steph!The comparison part…I totally needed to hear that. LA is a breeding ground for comparing your life to everyone else. I guess everywhere in life is…I’ve just been aware of it a lot lately. (As I strut around town with the movie stars in my ’97 Corolla…hahaha!!)

    Love the pics too! Miss you guys…

    Blessings girl. Erika

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