Haiti Happenings

As we have been telling folks about Haiti and the need for development and attention, there has been so much happening there.

For starters, they were hit by Hurricane Erika. Our community and house was fine, but some of our close friends and their community had a horrible mud slide and are still recovering. We will be taking donations down to these guys pretty soon.


On a happier note, our friends with Konbit have been working so hard. David, pictured below, hiked 2 hours north of our house into the mountains and was able to share about clean water and moringa.           IMG_4686_2

He and our friend Willes, were able to encourage and teach the community. They built a rain catchment tank there!


Our friend Clelie has a super awesome children’s ministry. We helped her prepare for a month-long camp to run while we were in the States and she had an amazing time. Here is the “end of the summer” party with some of the kids. These children come from very broken homes and have a lot of need- so this means so much to them.  IMG_4541 IMG_4540_2

We are so impressed by these guys and how they have moved forward with the development of the areas we work in- and beyond! Though we have missed them being in the States, we realize how fortunate we are to be able to be their voice in the states and raise awareness here. We are excited to return to the island with fresh ideas and partnerships and more.

We are still collecting items to bring to Oceanview as well as back to our own ministry, too. Here is a list of what we are collecting to bring back to Haiti:

Digital Camera(s)

Laptop (old is fine)

Children’s clothing/lightweight(non-bulky) shoes


Painting tape

Paint brushes

Electrical Tape

Soap and Shampoo


Pledge wood cleaner


Shower Curtains

Plumpy Butter



We have a drop off site at Church of the Apostles in Montrose and we would be more than happy to come and GET any donation from you if you are in the southern Alabama region!

One thought on “Haiti Happenings

  1. Id love to send some of your needed items to you. Send me an address, please!!

    Love you!

    And every time I see/read what you are doing I am reminded of what an awesome person you are, and the others, and just how proud I am of you!

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