Today is the first day of Spring, and it has occurred to me that I haven’t written an update on this blog in over two months. It has not been for a lack of updates, that’s for sure. I am thankful for the feeling of Spring, even as we are in a hot and tropical climate, because it always brings the reminder of hope with it.

This winter, we were able to grow Konbit in some big ways. We became an official 501c3 in the USA, we were able to get started on a few new projects that we are very excited about and we were able to grow in some neat ways. All of these things were met with difficulties and discouragements, sickness for us and our staff and their kids and feelings of doubt and confusion. This is why, in the light of spring, we are thankful for God who gives us hope in the form of seasons, even in the middle of trials.

It has been extremely comforting to remember and reflect upon this season of spring and what God promises to do in seasons of drought, doubt and chaos. “I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys.I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41:18). It is one thing to feel the despair in your life in the middle of abundance, still. But, it is an entirely new thing to remember these promises in the middle of a drought, in the middle of a community in extreme duress and remembering that God is still working and providing a season of spring. He is providing literal springs of water. He is quenching our needs.


In Haiti, we are hoping to begin a project in the next few weeks, which will really alleviate the literal thirst of the people around us. We are going to begin what will be our largest project to date, in an attempt to provide clean drinking water to a community without such access. This community is near and dear to our hearts. In many of our seminars/trainings this past year, we have been met with challenging questions about health problems that obviously stem from dehydration and lack of clean drinking water. We are really excited to help this community meet their needs with this water system. Yes, God is providing a literal stream in a very barren place. He is providing a season to ease the suffering of His people. (If you wish to contribute to this project, please go to konbithaiti.org!)

We have learned a lot in the season of winter- about perseverance and faith. When we started this, a friend encouraged us to “Count the cost” and we thought we knew what that cost was, but the truth is that it is always changing. But, without these seasons of winter- storms blowing so heavily you cannot see your own hand in front of you, darkness without a stream of light- we would not be able to enter into a time of spring. This time of newness, hope and light is not merely a reminder that God is with us now, but that He has been with us all along.


Samy’s baptism IMG_8245

A sewing seminar for some of the ladies in the communityIMG_8296


Ryan and one of our staff’s children taking a breakIMG_8578

Our water ministry hard at workIMG_8060

Our kid’s ministry and one of the local staff playing jump rope.

There are a lot of fun and amazing things happening here. Please consider giving a one-time or monthly gift at http://www.konbithaiti.org.

One thought on “Spring

  1. I love you guys! I love reading your updates, as I can literally picture myself there with you…. seeing your facial expressions and feeling what’s on your hearts for change/goals/growth!
    Hope to see you soon!

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