January Update

2017 has started off with a bang. We have seen so many wonderful things happening in Haiti, none of which could be done without our amazing Haitian staff or are awesome donors. Thank you, thank you!


Our kid’s program is still going strong- and we need people to help support this program! For just $25/month, you can help a child get the chance to be a kid in our afterschool program. This money goes toward paying national, trained staff. It goes toward providing meals for our kids. It goes toward special events for kids (and their families, too!). Please email info@konbithaiti.org if you are interested in learning more or donate online here. We are gearing up for our summer programs, as well. It was a HUGE feat last year and we are hoping for more people and fun this year, as well!


We are so proud of our water team, too! After two years of service, we gave our Community Directors the month of December to evaluate their commitment. They all came back, ready to continue their work. We are also in need of sponsors for this program! Click here for partnering with them! They are getting water into the neediest areas of the country- and we are so proud of them.


Our trainings are continuing, as well. This April we are hosting our second-annual Pastor’s and Church Leader Training, giving support to our local Pastor’s Coalition. We are also hosting our second-annual business leader seminar (last year’s pictured). In addition to this, we are currently planning our medical trainings for the summer, which is our third year doing this. We are also looking for skilled professionals to come and train our water guys and more! We are stoked about this year and the training aspect of things!


Stateside, we are continuing to sell our Moringa superfood powder, locally grown and harvested in Haiti. We continue to grow our coffee partnership with Grann, a wonderful lady in our community. We are also selling some of the goods made by the women in our community. In addition to these products being available for sale in stores in Alabama, they are also available online Here. We thank you for continuing to support our efforts to be as self-sustainable as possible!


Ryan continues to go back and  forth between the USA and Haiti, while I (Steph) have been more state-side because of my health. Thankfully, we are hoping and planning for a return trip to connect with staff and do some pastoral care at the beginning of next month! We are busy in the states, too, though- and are thankful for the opportunity to put more focus on the establishment of our board, our policies, our businesses, and more.


We are excited to begin working on our 2nd annual #cleanwaterblue fundraiser happening ALL of March with our water partnership with Justice Water. We are also planning a sit-down luncheon at Little Point Clear in Point Clear, AL. this April! Lastly, we are working on a biking fundraiser happening this summer! We are thrilled to have more and more people on our team to help push Konbit Haiti forward.


Ryan and I are personally still evaluating what our lives look like and what it means to be a bridge between two nations. We plan on spending most of the summer in Haiti, as long as my health permits it. This fall, we are going to be evaluating our current living situation and determine what will work best. Please keep us in prayer for this- it is difficult to know what is the best base for us!


We continue to be impressed with our Haitian team. We have more than 30 people working and volunteering with us. This is transforming the community and strengthening families like we have never seen! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work alongside of these world-changers! We are hoping that within the next few years we can get our own facility, land, and expand in even more amazing ways! Thank YOU for seeing the importance of investing in national-led ministry and programs that create sustainable change!

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