March Update

March came and went with a lot of new and exciting things. For one, I (Steph) got to return to Haiti for a brief stint. This was the first time since my heat stroke/gallbladder issue in July! Needless to say, it was a pretty sweet reunion. We spent a lot of our time just catching up with staff and hearing about their needs, their prayer requests, and their lives. We have such an amazing team with us and we are really hoping to continue to build them up while bringing in more people, too.


This little community is continuing to grow and change, and we are thankful we get to be a part of this growth!


Sweet reunions! Our Justice Water partners, Mirtil and his wife Luna, just had a sweet baby girl. So thankful we were there for that. :) (Also pictured Clelie. Not pictured Dan and Ryan :)). It was a great time.

IMG_4122So good to see our dear friend and Justice Water partner, David. We loved seeing him and his family!


David’s beautiful wife, Senthya, and their daughter Laira. So proud of all they have going on!


One of the coolest things to see was this basketball court in town. Dan, our Director of Operations, loves basketball and their old court was used for something else. When they had nowhere to go play, this community banded together and created this court. Konbit Haiti is a proud sponsor of this and we are so proud of this community-led project!


I couldn’t share about our trip there without sharing this picture. It was such a blessing to be reunited with Clelie! She has some amazing things planned for the next few years and I invite you guys to be listening in to some of the amazing ways you can partner with our friends and Konbit Haiti.


We are planning some exciting developments for this upcoming year! We hope to begin working on the mountain land, first with a water project. Please continue to pray for this process.

In April we have a fundraiser luncheon which will be held April 18 and we invite you to join us!

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