January Update

January has crept by and has also shown us the beauty of new beginnings. We started this year off well, and though all of us have faced personal hardships, we are also learning the dance of doing what we feel called to do even when we are facing trials.

For me and Ryan personally, we have found ourselves stateside for most of the month. We are heading down to Haiti today for some reconnection with friends + partners. Through our stateside time, we have found lots of fun (and new) connections with people, and have started some grant applications. We were also able to share at The Lions Club of Mobile (Ryan), and set up a booth at the Eastern Shore Presbyterian Women’s Conference.  It has been a busy month, for sure!

In Haiti, we have struggled with more losses of people. Hearing of the death of children will never not put knots in our stomach. We mourn very much with our friends who are mourning during this time, and we remember their children and their legacies. We also are praying that this continues to motivate us to help Haitians provide for themselves, to help bring medical and health care training to our part of the island, and more. We are praying over 2019 and that it would be a great year of growth, particularly in the way we care for children and their families.

We hope your 2019 has gotten off to an amazing start!

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