End of Month Roundup

October has been a significantly busy month, in some ways great and in some ways challenging. Here are some of our updates and things that are to come.

We canceled our trip to Haiti because of continuing riots and issues in-country. 

Unfortunately, we are on week 8 of peyi loke which translates to a locked country. This has happened because of various corruption at international and national levels in Haiti, causing regular people to suffer greatly in this country. Many schools and businesses are shut down and we cannot get in or out at this time. We are so sad for our friends and want to continue to support them. Please consider making a one-time or monthly gift to help with the rising costs of food and life in Haiti here.

We prepped to launch The Konbit Collective 

This time in the States has prepared us for a great new enterprise, The Konbit Collective. This is being launched to support other organizations like Konbit Haiti who seek to make life beautiful for people in need and are dedicated to fair wages and practices around the world. We are launching this online shopping on November 1! Click here to shop! Each purchase gives back to Konbit’s programs, as well.

We had a launch party where we were able to share some of our vision and mission with fun friends, new and old!

We spoke at some great churches 

Ryan and I have been touring around the Eastern Shore and more as we have spoken with churches that support our ministry. If you’d like us to speak with your church, please let us know. It is always an honor for us to share the amazing things God is doing in Haiti!

We dealt with some personal and family health issues 

This month was riddled with a lot of personal changes. We moved, moved our home office, too. I continue to have some issues with my health (which is challenging), and some of our parents have also dealt with health issues. A lot of these issues have dissipated, and we thank you for keeping us in prayer!

Prayer for Haiti 

For the next three days, November 1-3, please join us and our community in Haiti for a three-day prayer service. We are lifting up Haiti, the leaders, and the injustice to God and asking the Lord to help make justice flow like a river and the peace of God to help people. It has been a hard situation in Haiti – people can’t get to the doctor, they can’t work, they can’t find food. Please be praying with us!

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