January + February Update

We hope your winter has been great! We have had a lot of fun, highlighted by a recent trip back to Haiti after a long stint in the USA. We had to cancel so many of our hopeful trips to Haiti because of the civil unrest and protests about fuel and unjust leadership in Haiti. While this has been going on, Ryan and I have been working on stateside matters: everything involved with running a business/non-profit and communicating with our Konbit Haiti community daily. So, we were VERY excited to get to see our friends and co-workers who have endured some of the most challenging situations over the last year.

Our programs have stood strong over the last year and thanks to your generosity, we’ve been able to continue to pay our staff wages over the last year. While there has been a ton of inflation, we are satisfied that they’ve been able to make all of this work.

This last trip was a time for us to pour into various programs and staff members. We trained our Kids’ Ministry Staff, met with our Haitian water staff and planned additional training, and took our leadership team on a retreat. Our Haiti Ladies program also started a new and beautiful sewing program! It was so great, and we hope you love the photos below from that time.






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