Haiti Bound!

We have the most amazing school leaders ever. In an attempt  to tell us our outreach locations in a crazy way, our leaders sent us on a scavenger hunt. A few of us didn’t make it past the first clue…surprise….but we still managed to find out where we were assigned.

And?…We’ll be spending twelve weeks in Haiti! For those of you who might feel lost or confused, allow me to explain…
Currently, Ryan and I are involved in a training school with YWAM, which seeks to enlighten people on issues of breaches of justice and train them on how to fight those injustices. We’ve learned a lot in the three weeks we’ve been here, much of it about water, health care and teaching English as a second language. After our training in our chosen field(s), we are then able to go out and apply what we’ve learned. In Haiti, we will be focusing on clean water and some education (given Steph’s background…she’s tutored in ESL for years). We are really excited! We believe this is going to be a sweet time where we gain a ton of clarity and vision for our time after Haiti, as well.

We’re very excited…and will be sharing more when our school leader returns! (He’s in Haiti now)

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