Meet Team Haiti!

Sometimes its good to know who your friends are traveling with and, if you are the praying type, who you are praying for.

These are the faces of our Haiti team. Together (leaders included) we are 14. We range in age from 18-31, represent 7 countries and all kinds of different backgrounds!

From T to B and L to R, here we are:
The whole team, Alicia Borsoi (Canada), Asha Chan (Singapore),  David Enge (China/Canada), Eunjee Kim (USA, Virginia), Eunjin Shin (South Korea), Jason Estopinal (USA, California), Jenessa Peters (Canada), Jessika Ollett (Canada), Jon Hatton (USA, Arkansas), Steph Robinson (USA, Alabama), Melina Enge (Indonesia/Canada), Ryan Robinson (USA, Alabama), Sam Park (USA, Hawaiian Islands), Sam Roy (India).

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare our minds and hearts to serve the people of Haiti.

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