Hope For Haiti


We found out this week so much more about our Haitian adventures we’ll be partaking in!

And, we’re still brainstorming for ideas…but…

All of our time in December will be in a tent orphanage. This orphanage is run by a middle aged pastor and his wife, with about 50 kids.Some of the things we’ll be doing there are:potentially replacing their water system, potentially building a roof and walls for the facility, teaching English, running soccer after-school games, doing health check ups, purchasing mattresses for the kids, and many other projects. Please be in prayer for our team to be unified in our goals going there and that we’ll be prayerful, humble and prepared to face the orphanage.

After our work at the tent orphanage, the rest of our time will be at the YWAM base in Port Au Prince. Wow! Apparently, there are four main areas of the city where we will be spending our time. Please join us in prayer for all four parts, and for God to reveal what exactly He’d have us do there. The four areas are: Petion Ville (Mountainous region where the “wealthy” Haitians live); Delmas (a large tent city…YWAM has drilled a well here and they are anticipating many small businesses there. Their prayer for this tent community is that these 10,000 people will begin to own their lives by becoming entrepreneurs. They also are visioning a 24/7 prayer tent for this community); Cite Soleil (This is the poorest slum in the western hemisphere. The opportunities are endless as to aid and ministry. We’ll be teaching English in a public school there as well as establishing a football/soccer ministry for the kiddos); Carrefour (This is a city with heavy, heavy connections in voodoo. Many people here pray for spirits to mount and possess them. Several people walk around literally tormented by spirits. The team that goes there will be leading a prayer ministry as well as forging relationships with the locals there.)

As you can see, there is so much potential in Haiti. How can you partner with us in prayer?
-That we have a THICK covering of protection
-For our team to be in unity
-For fresh ideas on how to effectively serve the Haitians
-Opportunities to share God’s love and word to the locals
-The orphanage of 45 orphans that we’ll be working with…that these children will know they are loved and adored
-That the world view of Haitians will begin to change! That they will begin to see Jesus and Christianity not as a white man’s religion but as something that can free them and that they can find hope in
-For Haiti to become a blessing to the world instead of a curse (which is how they view themselves)
-Divine appointments and relationships to be forged
-For boldness among the team
-For the leadership in Haiti to become one of values and integrity
-For the cholera outbreak to STOP! That God would show His mercy to the Haitians and stop the outbreak.

Thank you for partnering with us!
Please let us know if you hear anything for our team, have any ideas or input! Also, we’d love to know how we can pray for you!!

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