KIVA– A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

I know the economy is spinning out of control. I also know that many people still want to give and to support others in the third world.

Recently, an organization called KIVA entered came under our radar. Something interesting about this organization is that they focus on building up both the integrity and confidence of an individual. So, they primarily look for suffering people with great ideas. They plug into them and set them up with someone who is interested in investing.

Investing is different than donating.

While donating is good and valuable, it is so cool to see money invested into a person (and in turn, a business). Through KIVA, thousands of people now have livelihoods independent of outside aid! The most impressive thing about this organization? …that the loan return rate is 99%. People all over the world are developing businesses and creative solutions in their home towns. Because we invest in them, believe in them and trust them…they are able to make a difference.

One more plug for this organization: You don’t need a lot of money. If you have $15 and want to invest it in a person, you can. You can also meet the people behind the loans, learn their stories and about their ambitions.

Want to know more? Go to this site!

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