Its Just a Walk Up the Road!


“There’s a village in need in the mountains. It would be good to see them.” This was the suggestion of Pastor Georges, that we visit a mountain village and also get to see a natural spring along the way. We had heard several stories about the villages in the mountains so close to us. Our team was really excited to have the opportunity to see the sites and meet the people there.
We embarked on our journey in the wee hours of the morning for what Pastor George said was a “thirty minute walk”. Somehow, we doubted our friend’s time estimation…the sun hadn’t even risen and we were on our way. One thing was right, the mountain was beautiful. It was the first time we had seen green since arriving in Haiti. Lush, green plants and grass and– TREES! It was beautiful. Poverty, as it seemed, was also rampant. Naked Haitian babies ran around, splashing in the water. It was three hours later when we arrived at the cool springs.
Three hours, uphill was quite the hike. We had accumulated quite the following and so when we stopped to play in the water, we soon gathered to sing songs with the children and tell them of why we were there. Stephanie spoke to them about the uniqueness of the plants around them and how God had fashioned them in their own unique way. It was followed by two nurses who had joined our ranks for a few weeks, who introduced themselves and were able to look at the children’s ailments.
We then trecked a little higher and met a witch doctor. He was filled with questions and was super grateful for our team talking to him. He spoke of demons tormenting him and we were able to share a listening ear and the Gospel of Jesus with Him. It is the only thing that has the power to set him free. Pastor Georges has said he will follow up with him in a few weeks, as he wanted to meet with us again! Yay!
Our final destination was to a church in the mountains. People came to see us and talk with us. We were able to play with the children and hang out with the elders, as well. We had forgotten one important thing– we had only brought food for us! And, here was a whole group of people who are starving. On the other hand, we hadn’t eaten the whole day and our bodies had to make the now 4 hour trek down.
We were able to share with these people– both the love and words of Jesus. Together, we all ate bread and bananas, no matter how small some of our portions were. We were thankful to be able to spend time with the people who live in such poverty and we believe they were grateful for us, as well.

Ryan giving our leader, Jason, a ride down the mountain!

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