Training Church Leaders

**First a note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GARRETT DELUCA!! My wonderful brother is turning 21 this year (the 19th!) Garrett, you are thought of more than you know and appreciated. We love you!!! **

Our Church Training Class

Haiti is full of people with questions about Christians and Jesus. We had the unique opportunity to be able to meet over a dozen of the church leaders in Montrious. While there, we realized they desired training and discipleship. We also realized that we could really seize this opportunity to bring the awareness to the local church about how they can meet the needs of the community. The whole condemnation thing had often sifted down to the leadership and their congregation.
In total, our team took two weeks to share with our friends from different churches. We spent an hour in worship, teaching them how worship can look all kinds of ways- from art to service to songs. Each morning, we had a lecture taught by a different team member on a subject that the students had requested or that the team member felt comfortable with.

Our topics then always had a practical application part, where we became the church and went into the streets. In Haiti, there is always something to do. Orphanages, taking care of trash and education programs were all started.
The best part of this project was that we were able to leave something behind. These people are the leaders of the church and Montrious is a significant part of the change for Haiti. There are tons of orphanages and young people in this town, ready to be raised up for change in their country.
Like the story of the mustard seeds, this group, though small was challenged and is being raised up for the change in their community. It was a suer encouraging time we spent with our friends and we learned a lot  from them as well. Their endurance and their willingness to listen and learn was amazing. What a great and blessed two weeks!

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