From Melina– With Love

My closest friend here, Melina, wrote this about our team…just thought I would re-post! We are growing quite close here!


Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we just talk about poop a lot.

So it’s our 6th week in Haiti. The team’s been in Port-au-Prince for about 2 weeks. There’s been talk of manifestations (riots), infestations (there’s a few wasp’s nest in our home) and distributions (we hand out food a lot). Routine’s setting in: we know where to get our cokes, we clean, we worship, we sit on the back of trucks and we look forward to meal times at 6:30, 12:00 and at 5:30.


It’s 11:02 am right now, Jon just kicked a piece of garbage and it landed on Asha’s head, just because he can. They are all practicing a skit, a skit we’ve been wanting to do since we were in Kona. Jenessa is giggling like a little Gremlin and just wrote a wonderful blog about the orphanage she visited yesterday. She’s growing so much spiritually and I am so honored to be a part of her life. Love you nessa! Ryan is putting together three tier bunk beds for the YWAM PAP base because HE IS Bob the Builder and grunts like a man. Stephanie’s sitting right next to me reading about Keith Green. Since we’ve publicly announced our “best friend” status and made it official, we complete each other. David just set up a 3 day video seminar with our local Haitian bruthas and I think they love him, deep-deep, oh deep down down, deep down in their hearts…..


I could go on, so I will.


Sam Roy is a very sweet guy, a sneaky but great photographer and he’s always full of mischief. (Poor Eunjin) I want to take him home with me because he likes Sirachi Sauce…(inside joke)


G is a beautiful woman, inside and out, so if you are a MAN and can go through a rigorous physical, mental, emotional and spiritual interrogation by her Haiti outreach family of 13, then contact me ASAP.


Eunjin is quiet but so quirky and to be honest, quite violent. She makes us laugh so if she beats us sometimes, it’s ok.


Sam Park is still tall, takes care of all our money and entertains me with his snarky but funny one-liners.


Jessika has really dirty feet right now. She often falls asleep while she waits for the bathroom. I guess that would explain the dirty feet.


Alicia, well…she loves giving hugs, has a real soft heart, eats lots of candy at around 4PM and leaves the wrappers all around her pillow. Sometimes when you’re in the room at around 3:45, you can have the privilege of hearing the rustling of sticky plastic wrappers.


Asha is a bundle of joy, she has really soft skin and she has recently given me rights to stroke her gently sometimes.


Jon is witty, intelligent and currently rocks his soft, beautiful, blond curly locks. I know he misses his hot showers, ice diet cokes and Christmas socks.


Jason has hairless ears, thanks to Steph and G and currently dons a pervy stasche. He is such a good people person and takes good care of us.


A lot can happen in 6 weeks. Babies pee on you. Friends fart in your general direction. You can decide to adopt a Haitian baby or start an orphanage. You can cry during a morning worship session. You can poop on the side of a beach or decide to live in Haiti forever. Witch doctors can come to know Jesus more. You can pray like a maniac for food to multiply and you can go hungry because sharing is better. You can chase chickens and baby goats when you’re bored or ride a donkey all on the same day. Your heart can break for a child and be filled with God’s grace at the same moment.


So, I can’t believe I’m saying this. Wait actually I can…I’ve been saying this for the past 2 weeks now.

I don’t want outreach to end.


I don’t want this “Acts” type church community living, where everyone has everything in common (loving Jesus, loving people) to end. I don’t like the idea of not waking up to grumpy morning faces before coffee or not fighting for the bathroom.


Jon Morris, you’re right. At the end of outreach, we will make life-time friends, or life-time enemies (just kidding) we will be at each other’s wedding, we will cry, we will laugh and sometimes we will talk about poop a little too much.


So before I end, I just want to say I love you all and I promise you that this will be the last time I will be all “emo” about “our last day.” After all, we all know who will be crying hysterically – Eunjin. I will not, however promise that I won’t stare at you eerily like your mother during meal times, when you are sleeping and on long truck rides.



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