Fun, Fun Friday and Other Happenings

Our team as a whole has been in Port-Au-Prince since the 16th, but since moving to the other (bigger) base, we have been introduced to “Fun, Fun, Friday!” And, what fun it was. There was good food, lots of music and a team from Brazil joined us. I was sitting in the kitchen, when all of a sudden a girl taps me on the shoulder. I look up, recognize her…and, oh wait! It was Ashley Horton, our friend we met while in Tanzania! Now, she was in Haiti! It was such a good time to hang out with her and process what has been going on this trip. She patiently listened, probably quite amused at what I was saying, and offered her words of wisdom, too. It was so good to see her!

Steph and Ashley

This week has been all about the tent cities. Every day, we drive from thirty minutes to two hours to reach out to the poor. We deliver food, and at every food distribution we give them the Gospel, as well. Our team also plays games with the children, hangs out with the downtrodden– because we don’t live here, we are forced to use what we have (skills and relationships) to bond with these people and bring them into relationship with the long term staff in Port-Au-Prince. It has been a beautiful picture of long and short-term ministries combining.
Almost a week ago, we had the extreme pleasure of being a part of a Korean church. The Koreans have been in Haiti for a while, some of them over 30 years. In case you haven’t noticed from our photos, a lot of our team is Korean. Our leader, Eunjin, is from Korea, so this was especially exciting for her. When we were there, our water information came up in conversation. The long term missionaries were so excited when we mentioned it– today we had a water seminar.
David and Jon worked on the powerpoint, and Ryan delivered the teaching in a pretty efficient manor. They were extremely grateful. We, too, were grateful. Ryan and I were both able to come closer to realizing what dreams are on our hearts and how important training is in being effective. It was awesome to be able to teach, but we could only teach what we knew. We want to learn more!


Ryan teaching Korean Missionaries

Please keep Port-Au-Prince in your prayers, as elections might be happening this Saturday and we are moving to Jacmel for the next few weeks!

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