We have been keeping busy since we arrived in Daphne, AL.

Spending time with friends and family? Check.

Getting jobs? Check (ish).

Moving into an amazing guest house? Check. (And, thank you Yearwoods!)

Building a water rain tank, a rouss pump, a sand filter and fixing up another wooden rain tank to irrigate farm? Working on that check mark!

We have been spending a lot of our time working down at Church of the Apostles, our amazing home church, doing a community transformations project. It has been so neat to see our dreams and desires come out of the hard work we’ve put into the projects.

This community transformations project is pretty darn cool because it will simulate what we hope to do in the coming months and year(s) for people in the third world.

Please consider dropping by our fundraising party and learning more about not only us but clean water/sustainability as we know it now.

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