A Haitian Update

It seems a little surreal…landing in a place you left a few short months ago. We flew into Haiti a week and a day ago, and in many ways it feels as if we never left. Haiti.

This is a curious land: how can a place stir up such feelings of home and shock? How can a place be both so foreign and yet familiar? This is Haiti, and its the current place we’re calling “home”. Until August 22, we’ll be living among the people,teaching them and encouraging them. Haiti’s cry for help is loud, and our response of HOPE is louder.

Our team from Water for Life consists of another couple, the lovely Dax and Rachel with whom we lived in Kona; our sarcastic, Aussie friend Danni and our wonderful “intern” Jenna, from Alabama. It has been an amazing, yet challenging time already. We have already learned so much more about bringing clean water to another country.

Our water goals for our trip here are to complete several tanks for Haiti, as well as teaching a seminar at the Youth With a Mission school here. Currently, there are 90 students and staff, over half are Haitian. While teaching has been challenging, it has also opened our eyes to what is REALLY possible when we encourage people to be a catalyst for change. We, as a team, could complete a tank or two in a week. As a class, the 90 students and staff will be breaking up into small groups and will be going out all over Haiti. In 6 short days, 5-8 rain tanks will be completed and workable all over the country, providing water to 5 different communities! As if this wasn’t amazing enough, they will then be traveling to Brazil, Benin and Jamaica and completing the same tanks and water projects we’ve taught them. Talk about multiplication!

We have split into two teams for the week. Half are focusing on teaching and half are working on the ALMOST COMPLETED rain tank on a church in Port-Au-Prince. We are so stoked to be already completing this project!

In August, we’ll be working at a few orphanages, bringing clean water and FUN :) to the children there. We’ll be teaching sanitation, doing fun art projects and bringing clean water to orphanages that literally have nothing.

Please be praying for us, as God continues to show us His heart for these people. We want to be as effective as possible for these needy people! In our time here, we are also planning and praying for our future. We’re so excited to share with you as we continue to teach others sustainable ways to improve their communities and lives- all starting with water!

We love you all :) Photos coming soon!

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