Photo Update of September (and Part of October)

Since we’ve been home, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to share in the weddings of a few of our close, close family/friends that feel like family. We are so excited for you guys. In addition to the wedding festivities, we have also had the privilege to visit some of our closest friends. Spending time with family and friends, both near and far, has been the most tremendous blessing we’ve had in a while.

Bachelorette Fun! Mel, Anna and Steph

Ryan and Hunter

Steph and Dad

Hunter and Anna's Wedding

Love you Love Birds!

Cheyenne, one of the greatest friends ever!

Cheyenne in front of our new friend's house, a Grecian Grandma!

Amanda Newman and Cheerwine

Dancing at Erin and Michael's awesome wedding


Erin and Michael's Wedding in Kentucky!

Jeanetta's Winning Plate in her Hattiesburg Triathalon :)

Ryan and Payton- Brotherly Love

Kaylee and Steph

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