Haitians Building Tanks In Brazil!

We were so happy to hear from our friends in the Amazon this past week. When in Haiti this summer, we had the amazing opportunity to work with Team Brazil for our mini outreach. What a team of hard workers! These people are amazing! From 6-midnight, this team worked relentlessly to get the job done! We were so inspired and encouraged by them.


Erika and Philipson, the team leaders, flew with the team up into a remote place in the Amazon of Brazil. They have been working with their team on a rain tank to fit the needs of the people in that area. In addition to working on bringing people clean water, they have been teaching others about sanitation and the value of paring clean water and sanitation. We are so proud of them!


The paper in Brazil even wrote a story covering their work.


Please continue to pray for this team and all the others as they wrap up their time internationally and return home to Haiti. :)

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