What We’re Up To…NEXT!

We have been traveling, working, meeting with people and sharing. We’ll be sending out newsletters within the next few days, and we are excited to share with you what we’ll be doing in the upcoming year (and beyond!).

While in Haiti, we recognized the power of teaching a skill and empowering local missionaries and communities there. As you can read from our blog posts, we had an incredible amount of success working alongside of these people- believing in them and their ability to change their own nation. Its a powerful thing!

January marks the start of this being a full time reality for us. We will be working alongside Water for Life, and helping to establish their new program, Justice Water. This program is very new, and will focus on training missionaries to have basic skills in bringing water to the world they serve. Our heart is to bring training to the indigenous. Training them in their own environment, with their own tools and materials available, the goal is for the locals to pick up the skill quickly. The training we will do consists of classroom time as well as hands-on training. The beauty of this hands-on application is that the end result is clean water in the third world. Rain catchment tanks and sand filters will stand in places they didn’t before. People who have never seen themselves as world changers will begin to see the need in their own country and dream of what they can do with their own two hands to fix it. We are incredibly excited to see this come to pass in countries that have a need for clean water.

For a season, we will be in Hawaii, working with the Marshalese people living there. We will be training them in water and sanitation, as well as providing these displaced people with running water. Currently, their conditions are third-world standard. We will also be planning out our teaching schedule and working on the Justice Water program. We are so excited! Please consider partnering with us in this journey. :)

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