The First Tank (STILL a work in progress)

When we returned home from Haiti, we were excited to visit our home church, Church of the Apostles. As we turned the corner, headed toward the parking lot, we suddenly felt a knot in our stomach. Oh, yes. We still had a rain tank to finish in our own backyard, and this time we had little man power behind us!


This tank represents a lot for us. It is the first rain tank either one of us had built. Ryan took the reigns as I struggled with how a girl could do the work. Both of us were unsure about how a rain tank could really purify water, though we knew the facts. We called our Water for Life friends and asked them questions. In a way, this tank represents great internal turmoil. We were walking in a direction we really didn’t know much about. We had passion. We wanted to help. But, how?


When we worked in Haiti, we were both amazed at how quickly rain catchment tanks could be completed with the proper motivation. These men and women we were so humbled to work with had motivation we could not begin to comprehend. They knew all too well what it was like to go without clean water. Remembering and recalling times of great disease and sickness, the Haitians worked with such diligence. It was incredibly admirable.


It has been fun to start working again on the tank at the church. Finishing it will be an awesome accomplishment, (particularly for Ryan, as he is the one who has been working on it primarily). We had the opportunity to work on the tank together. We were inside of the tank and without thinking we started flinging cement on the tank and smoothing it out. Working together, we soon realized that this now habit of work started on the church grounds. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we wanted to do it together. Now, we know how to do it, thanks to some amazing Haitians who taught us the importance of throwing cement and smoothing it out. Awesome. How great is it to teach and be taught? We cannot wait to venture back out and learn more from our friends around the world.


Enjoy some photos and PLEASE don’t hesitate to come up and help if you’re in the area. We’ll definitely need a hand when we put on the lid!


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