A Heap of Thanks…


What an amazing last few days we’ve had. Such friends and family we have!

We are excited to step out into this new season of life. It has been hard, though, to say goodbye to all the wonderful things this season has brought. We are so thankful for friends who have let us live with them, have communed with us and have been such wonderful supporters in our ministry and lives. We love you, Colliers! We are appreciative of the churches who have had us speak and share with them. So thankful for friends that will drive 45 minutes to meet up with us for an hour, for their sweet hearts! Basses, thank you for all you have done to encourage us! We have met new people and had fun with old; we are so grateful for our supporters and friends who are too long to name and count. Thank you (yes, you) for being such a big part of encouraging and supporting us. Family, we love you tons and tons. Thank you for all you have done to get behind us in pursuing our dreams. You guys are wonderful! Thanks to our friends in Texas, Colorado and Kentucky, Mississippi, California and New York…you guys are truly rock stars for all you do to love on us long-distance.

We are so thankful, especially tonight, for our church family at Church of the Apostles. It is our hearts’ desire that the Lord will use that church to reach more people the way they have touched our hearts. Thanks for your prayers, your overwhelming support, your non-judgement of anything we say and do. We love you guys!

Here we go– we leave on Thursday!

2 thoughts on “A Heap of Thanks…

  1. God be with you. I will miss you and your sweet smiling faces, but I am so happy when I think about you. I know God has such an amazing plan for your lives and ministry. Love, Pat

  2. Awww…we’re in your blog. Awesome time of reconnecting, eating, hanging out and encouraging! So thankful and honoured to be a part of your lives. Love you guys…

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