Justice Water!

Aloha from Kona! We are so excited to be here. Finally! It seems like the past year has been one big, fat blur. A blur which includes trips to Haiti and finding vision and passion within our hearts for countries without access to clean water. When we first signed on to work with a water organization, we started with Water for Life. Shortly after we realized our vision was a little different than those awesome people at WFL, and we began working with Justice Water. It was formed somewhere around the time we were in Haiti. It was a guinea pig trial with amazingly awesome results. We left in August with 6 completed rain tanks. In November, the students we taught multiplied that by 2, making it 12 rain tanks. Since then, the Haitians have not stopped working! Currently, there are 14 tanks because of our teaching this summer! 

This tank was completed just a month ago in Haiti by our students!

Needless to say, we are really pleased with the results. Because of our trip, we have more people requesting for Justice Water to come and teach our simple and multipliable teachings to them. Something that we realized upon arrival is that representing God means representing excellence. It is so important to us that we leave the groups we teach with only multipliable technologies and information that will truly change the nation. For this reason, we are in Kona with the core group that represents Justice Water. With hearts for community development and people around the world, it is an incredibly motivated team and we can’t believe we get to work with such legit people!

Group of students in Kona who did water projects in Uganda and Cambodia from their training this fall!

Our roles are really amazing, and will prove challenging for us. Honestly, this is the first time in a long time where we feel challenged mentally with a job. We have lived in some crazy circumstance, but this next season of creating and developing is going to be super challenging! Ryan will be working on Development and Training. He is the one creating new technologies we will be using, testing their multiplicity as well as their durability. He will also be training people in Kona who are going to the third world. He will be perfecting his teaching for developing countries and will be working on a concise format for a week or two in the third world. Steph’s job is to be Head of Children’s Programs for Justice Water. She will be working with local schools in Kona, teaching them basics on sanitation, hygiene and water purification. In addition, she will be creating a program to teach to  children within the developing world, as well as a separate curriculum to teach to those who want to teach children in needy nations. Whew! We are so, so excited and believe in this ministry. We believe we can truly make a dent in the water crisis around the world.

A student from Justice Water building an underground tank in Uganda with his team!

Thanks for partnering with us and believing in us! You are helping the neediest nations!

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