Update on Projects

This is an exciting post, guys!

We are so glad to announce some more of the projects going up around the world… as I type! We are so proud of our students. They have shed light on things we need to change and have engaged the locals of the countries they are in. It’s these projects that are keeping us going. Pretty incredible.

This list is not comprehensive. It’s just a list of the projects that have been completed or are being completed by those on we sent out a month or so ago. :) Check this out for a full map of projects: http://www.justicewater.net/p-r-o-j-e-c-t-s/

Togo, West Africa:

1 Rain Catchment Tank

2 Latrines

Burkina Faso, West Africa:

1 Rain Catchment Tank

Ghana, West Africa:

1 Underground Rain Catchment Tank

Many Hand Washing Stations (Including Sinks, Tippy Taps, Etc.)

Mozambique, East Africa:

1 Rain Catchment Tank

Many Hand Washing Stations (Including Sinks, Tippy Taps, Etc.)

Cambodia, East Asia:

First Group to Utilize Children’s Curriculum

Teaching Children to wash their hands and purify water with simple technologies

Below are a few pictures from the Mozambique team. They are amazing…even introducing Moringa trees into parts of the country where they are hard to find!

Here are some of the team members with a local…building and installing a septic tank for the bathroom they are building.

Two sinks!

Moringa Tree is often called the Miracle Tree, as it can fight malnutrition with its nutrient packed leaves/stems/roots. It can also make the most turbid water cleaner so it can go through another filtration system.

We are so thankful for these teams. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they meet more locals, teach more people, encourage them and bring them into restoring relationships with the community and with Jesus. Thank you!

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