Full Engagement

Being in Kona, we have had the incredible opportunity to have different people sit in during our meetings as well as resources from the outside coming in. Just last week, we had Chris Lieto, iron man champion and creator of the organization More Than Sport, about linking arms with their organization in the future. We have had the privilege to get lessons in leadership and pioneering a new organization from Morgan Perry, the creator of the film and organization dedicated to fighting sex-trafficking, Sex+Money.

This week, we watched a teaching from the founder of Full Engagement. The name alone demands attention, does it not? He touched on quite a few topics and issues of life, all revolving around being fully present for our lives. Full engagement is important. It’s something, I would say,which seems to be a universal problem. People not having enough energy to spend quality time with their kids; falling asleep watching the tv; feeling aimless; stressed; driving home and not even knowing how you got there. While I was not the one taking notes during the talk, I did find myself identifying particularly with one aspect of the teaching from Full Engagement: story. Our story is what we have, its what we leave behind and scarily enough, its what we’re writing whether we take time to edit it or not.

The scary truth: Our story is being written, every moment of every day.

As leaders filter in and out of Kona and impart their knowledge onto our small developing group, I am filled with gratitude. I am so thankful for people to give their wisdom and guidance to us! However, it hit me recently that all of this knowledge means nothing if its not carried out into our story. Our legacy.

There are many twists and turns within a story. There are times when you know that you have it all figured out, only to turn the page and read something totally unexpected. There are times that bring you to tears and times that make you giddy with hope and anticipation. Is it the same with our lives? Or, are we missing one great detail essential to a good story? — Engagement to meet a purpose. What is the purpose?

Sometimes a great heroine of a story finds a way to be brave and do things she’s never thought to do…for a purpose. A person rises up against the circumstances of his life…for a purpose. Truly, it is no wonder we aren’t fully engaged in our own lives. What are we living for, anyway?

Because of this recent teaching, I was able to asses my own story. I realized that I had been serving Justice Water with my head. I was really trying. Even though I am so passionate about it, I started to realize that I had lost vision of purpose. I can do all kinds of things; Ryan has an amazing skill set, as well. But, without purpose, what kind of story are we really writing? For us, without knowing God deeper and gaining His heart for the things we’re seeking to bring development to, it’s all worthless. I think its maybe what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he wrote “What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ” (Phil. 3:8).

The purpose of our story is not lost. It’s just incomplete without knowing the depth of who God is. It’s knowing Him in such a way that leads us to do what we do…and not the other way around. God doesn’t need us.

We are so excited for the story we are living. Our lives are full. I want to live to the brim of the cup of my life. Being realigned with our purpose, being reunited with the reasons we DO this is what matters. Thanks for joining us on our journey, as we all write our stories together. The choices we make, the lives we live out– it is all being read by many. What is your purpose?


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