Little Ripples

I think it was the most amazing gift ever to be able to really test out the Little Ripples Curriculum with these 45 kids at the greatest orphanage ever! Here are some photos, some taken by Rachel Fears, and others by Ryan and Steph.

This week, we were able to teach about hand washing, using fun skits and glitter. Kids were able to practice washing their hands, as well.

Hand Washing

Zach cutting PVC for a tippy tap with some of the kids

The kids practicing hand washing in the air


The next few days were spent playing with these precious children as well as teaching them about the amount of water it would take to wash their hands on a daily basis. Jamie and Zach did a great job using the Little Ripples curriculum to teach about how to make a tippy tap. They gathered some of the kids together and were able to build a much needed one by the bathrooms.

Using the Tippy Tap

Teaching the need for a Tippy Tap

A Hand Washing Skit


Johnny was so stoked to use the tippy tap

Once we taught them, we shouldn’t have been surprised when they came up with better foot taps and used string instead of wire. It was amazing to see kids lining up to use it, even when no one was watching them.

Hand Washing

The new and improved tippy tap right outside of the bathrooms!

It was so fun and such a great opportunity to teach. We are so fortunate to be here!

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