What Else?

Haiti has been full of surprises. Some of the things we’ve gotten to do have been about creating our own adventure and seeking out the neediest people. It’s been a blast. Two of the most exciting things we have done have been done recently.

Forms for a rain catchment tank are some of the most costly expenses for a tank. Ryan and some of the guys came up with a new way to try to make the forms. We are trying it out this week. If it works, it could save some money! And time!

Another amazing thing we were able to do this week was to go up to a mountain village and visit an old contact. A witch-doctor turned Christian man lives up the mountain and it was good to see him and encourage him. In addition, we scouted out future tank locations. When we hiked down the mountain, almost all of the guys came down with a little mango fever. Apparently, the same oil on poison ivy is the same chemical on raw mango sap. Oops!

When the internet is faster, look for photos on facebook and the blog from this time.


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