Greetings From Montrious


A week and a half ago, we left Hinche and moved to our favorite oceanside town in Haiti, Montrious. This is the place we have left so many pieces of our hearts and where, it seems, that things continue to come together in both ministry and life. While in Hinche, we learned new models of projects and how to effectively engage locals, we have made some headway in the development of our (and what we believe is God’s) vision for JusticeWater’s presence in Haiti. 

Montrious has been central to our ministry before we even knew it was our ministry- it was the first place we visited, and the one we continue to come back to. Because of this, we know so many amazing people here. They are our friends. We know their families; their dreams; their struggles. They are our friends who are around to share dinner with, talk story and hear about  life in Haiti. It’s been a great reminder that ministry really is about the people. Yes, we’ll fight for the cause…but, we’ll really fight for the people. 

As we continue to dream with these guys, we are excited for what Justice Water, and more importantly, God is going to do through these men and women. Continue to keep the team in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to do ministry as a few of us head back to the US for a few weeks. 

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