An Update from the USA


Wow! What a crazy fast couple of weeks its been. Ryan and I came back to Florida (and Alabama) to do some work that needed to happen stateside. It has certainly been a time of refreshment, but also a time of reminder. This is a very fast paced season in our lives! Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we lead out Justice Water’s first International Team, focused in Haiti.

Here are a few highlights from our time in Alabama and home. We will be leaving in one week for the Dominican and finishing off the Spring in Haiti.

ImageWe hosted our friend, Dave, who is also a fellow Justice Water member! He is an extremely talented film maker who was with us for our last week in Haiti. It was great to see him!


Ryan, looking dapper, holding one of our signs for ESPCA’s wonderful Missions Festival! We were so excited to be a part of it.




We had the opportunity to teach a group of students about water around the world; training that we do for the children and adults there…and our favorite reaction? “Haiti is closer than Disney World!” haha…maybe? These guys are definitely world changers already!


Southern Food! Thankful we had the opportunity to share some with family and friends in ‘Bama!


Had to share! Moringa, remember The Miracle Tree  post? It has apparently made its way to Alabama as a fat blaster!





SO thankful for Emily and John Bass, and their sweet church in Mobile! Thanks to them, an orphanage in Haiti will have these supplies to help them in a very dire situation. It was so much fun to go shopping through the isles of Walmart searching for things for these kids!




As usual, we were thankful for the many friends and family we were able to see. COTA family, ESPCA and everyone else- thanks for having us and welcoming us into your families.

With visiting Alabama, we are only here in Orlando for a week or so before heading out again. We have been busy helping our team in Haiti, and will be meeting up with them in the Dominican, as well. This team has been working hard on the ground. Here’s a post with photos of their latest project at an orphanage in La Ganove, Haiti.



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